Thousands of computer and video games are sold each year. Approximately ten video games are sold each second and it consists of around five billion dollars of USA's GDP. Each day, more and more people get into computer and video games. This has become a huge industry with revenues growing exponentially every year. Rubbing shoulders with Microsoft's top of the range X-Box series, the extremely popular Sony's PS series and the latest innovative offering from Nintendo W series, are a host of other computer and video games. While Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are huge corporations, many computer games originate from such miniscule companies that they could be compared to a garage in your back yard.

Ten years back, computer games were the sole prerogatives of rich kids or the nerds and geeks' who were the brains behind the early prototypes - for the simple reason of affordability and availability. With the dot com boom, suddenly the World Wide Web was within finger-tip reach of the masses and millions of people around the globe were inducted into the gaming phenomenon. While video games inventors and developers, created more and more fantastic scenarios that keep gamers hooked to their TV sets for hours, fighting for their virtual lives in wonderfully realistic environments and situations, the internet was not sitting idle either. Brilliant youngsters started developing soft-wares that could break down complicated graphics and transmit it to PCs within nanoseconds.

Computer games available over the internet have become a very popular and a cheap option to the more expensive video games. With advancements in computer software and languages, playing computer games on the net has become a pleasure with realistic backgrounds and believable action sequences that provide the player with a literally, out of the world experience. The development of Flash, a multimedia enhancing technology, is one of the major causes for the rise in popularity of computer games. All the best loved games today, whether racing games or casual games, use Flash. Racing flash games have flooded the internet, yet there is demand for more. Flash games are extremely popular today because it has made it possible to have beautiful delicate graphic work along with the animation.

Some people decry the widespread popularity of computer games and bemoan the amount of time their children spend on the internet playing computer games. Yes, too much of something is never good and parents need to monitor their child's use of the web. At the same time, playing computer games can be beneficial too. They increase reflexes and improve eye hand coordination as much as out-door sports and if it isn't always possible to find friends to play with out-doors, one can always find a like minded pal on the World Wide Web to play against, or simply play the computer. This is an absolutely relaxing, stress buster.

Computer and video games also play a major role in the practical world. Military training comprises a lot of virtual reality simulations that are similar to video games. Pilots practice for days on end on simulators, which use highly developed computer graphics, to prepare for their actual flight. Computer games have a major role to play in the days to come, as the future is all about virtual reality and a more student centric, entertaining, computer aided learning. Jeter is seeking his eighth career 200-hit campaign, which would tie him with Lou G . lennon | Oct 27th 2012

Run around without getting hurt by the spikes in the ground, while killing the skeletons. Skeletons appear more and more until you have about 20-30 around you. Once you have that many, head and sit under an overhanging piece of rock so that you are not injured by falling rocks. Just keep throwing chinchompas Red in the midd . Read
Adele breaks Nielsen SoundScan record

Adele has double the reason to celebrate coming off her two wins at Tuesday Brit Awards: The singer unstoppable sophomore album, has pulled off its largest sales week in its one-year history.

The record, released Stateside a year ago today, saw a 207 percent increase in sales after picking up six Grammys on February 12. In its post-Grammys sales week, 730,000 copies of were sold.

This also leads to another record for the 23-year-old Brit songstress: Thanks to her post-Grammys boost, it the biggest sales week following a Grammys win in Nielsen SoundScan history, which goes back to 1991.

Norah Jones previously pulled off a similar feat in 2003 with her album, Away With Me, which sold 621,000 copies after she won five Grammys that year.

And while we talking about Adele, we also point out that has also had 21 nonconsecutive weeks at No. 1.
Discover great ways to extend, expand, and make full use of your truck and its camper shell. Find accessories and add-ons to fit your needs.

Camper shells are great additions to your pickup trucks. Aside from its practical functions, camper shells add personality to your vehicle. You can make your car look uniquely yours by embellishing look, adding camper shells and putting accessories to it. Plus, camper shells and its accessories can also enhance your trucks functional use. Carry more loads with you in a safe, secure way. You can also economize and maximize available space by putting in some functional add-ons to your camper shells.

Bed Rugs and Carpets. Bed rugs and carpets make your truck beds comfortable when you want to get a quick nap during long rides. Rugs and carpets prevent cargo from sliding, making them ideal in carrying fragile loads. You wont have to worry about carrying delicate instruments, appliances or tools. Pick water-proof, stain-resistant, tough, custom-fit rugs that wont scratch your truck bed paint.

Bed Liners and Gaskets. Bed liners are great cargo cushions that prevent scratches on your car bed. Most have skid-resistant surfaces to help keep your cargo in place by reducing movement and helps protect your truck bed by reducing bed liner movement. Bed liner gaskets provide increased shock absorption. It also protects your camper shell bed liners.

Roof Racks. Roof racks can be installed permanently on your camper shells for added cargo space. These can be installed to any surface including fiberglass. There are various types in the market, a choice of lightweight or heavy duty tubing for optimum load capacity. Most racks are sold with adjustable length and width. And there are models with locked-on rear bars for quicker loading and unloading.

Tool Boxes. Easily removable tool boxes are useful for construction, surveying, electrical, plumbing, engineering, handyman trucks. A tool box is also great for groceries and recreational outings. Its a good, multi-purpose, all-around box.

There are many cargo design options for your truck bed:

Cargo gates can be locked down on any part of your truck bed, even on an angle

Cargo bars, normally adjustable, serve to secure items at the back of the truck

Cargo holders are great replacement for cargo boxes

Storage Packets allows side storages in the bed

Truck bed extenders allow you to haul extra-long loads or bring additional items on a trip that you wont have room for otherwise

Hitch Racks are great rear extenders for carrying excess luggage or gears

Tailgate organizers are extra storage bins you can lock on to tailgates

Tailgate locks hold your tailgate in place

You have many other options for truck organizers and general camper shells and truck accessories that help maximize functionality of your pickup truck. For whatever season, reason or occasion, theres definitely something that would match your need.

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